V8 Research Grant #

The V8 Research Grant funds programming languages and software systems research based on V8, JavaScript, and WebAssembly to foster collaboration between V8 and academia.

The V8 Research Grant is an unrestricted gift of up to 40,000 USD. As an unrestricted gift the grant does not stipulate intellectual property rights.

To qualify for this grant, the applicant:

We expect applications to grow organically out of the research community together with V8 team members at Google. V8 Research Grants will be given to the researchers and projects that we believe have the highest relevance to the ongoing language specification and runtime implementation work in V8.

The V8 Research Grant is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusivity. We strongly encourage applications and nominations from those from BAME and other minority backgrounds, LGBTQI+ backgrounds, people with disabilities and those who identify as female, in order to help address the current under-representation of groups in academia and computer science.