Checklist for staging and shipping of WebAssembly features

This document provides checklists of engineering requirements for staging and shipping WebAssembly features in V8. These checklists are meant as a guideline and may not be applicable to all features. The actual launch process is described in the V8 Launch process.

Staging #

When to stage a WebAssembly feature #

The staging of a WebAssembly feature defines the end of its implementation phase. The implementation phase is finished when the following checklist is done:

Note that the stage of the feature proposal in the standardization process does not matter for staging the feature in V8. The proposal should, however, be mostly stable.

How to stage a WebAssembly feature #

See the staging of type reflection as a reference.

Shipping #

When is a WebAssembly feature ready to be shipped #

How to ship a WebAssembly Feature #